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How InvoiceSmash Works

Accounts payable invoice automation powered by cloud software.

1. Get It to InvoiceSmash

Send invoices to InvoiceSmash via your unique email address or upload it. InvoiceSmash extracts the data and prepares it for posting to your accounting system .

2. Your Approval

During approval you set the purchase just the way you want it. Contact, General Ledger, Job, Item and Inventory coding is fast and easy. Contact / inventory creation is just one click. Hands free autosubmission is also possible for repetive invoices!

3. It Remembers!

After the invoice is posted to your accounting system, InvoiceSmash remembers your choices and will apply them to future invoices. Submitted invoices are archived in the cloud. No more data entry!

Why Us?

What happens when InvoiceSmash is connected to your accounting system and software automation takes over:

  • No data entry for PDF supplier invoices.
  • All line item details extracted.
  • Automate repetitive actions.
  • Go paperless with our Cloud archive.

Developed for the modern accounts manager and native to MYOB AccountRight Desktop, AccountRight Live, XERO and Saasu, InvoiceSmash is the missing piece of the modern accounts puzzle.
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For Xero, MYOB and Saasu Users

Easy automated supplier invoices processing.

Save Time & Money

As you use InvoiceSmash it will learn from your actions and apply them next time - minimise repetitive actions.

Invoice Processing

Centralised processing and cloud storage for all your invoices and documents.

Invoice Submission

Supplier Invoices are submitted directly into your accounting system via API. No export and import of files and no data entry is necessary.

Contact Management

Easier Contact Management When you receive an invoice from a new supplier for the first time InvoiceSmash can create the contact in your accounting system using the company name, address and ABN details in the invoice. No data entry required. In addition, you can verify the ABN number of the new supplier in a single click and then choose whether to use the legally registered details or the details as present in the invoice. (Australia Only)

Tax Handling

Invoices with mixed taxable and non-taxable lines are handled accurately. If the software can unambiguously detect whether a line is taxable or not we provide additional validation to make sure the GST/VAT is right every time.


Simple and easy to use. InvoiceSmash will guide you through the process of submitting invoices to your accounting system and alert you via email when there is an invoice needing your attention.

Add-On Integration

Easily connect InvoiceSmash to your accounting system such as Xero, Saasu, MYOB, etc. .

Invoice Duplicate Detection

Before submitting an invoice to your accounting system InvoiceSmash will check if that contact and invoice number combination already exists.

Invoice Line Extraction

Invoice line details are submitted to your accounting system – not just the totals. Gives you the ability to track inventory and costs better.

Personalised InvoiceSmash Email Address

Publish your invoice email address to your suppliers or keep it private and use it internally to your organisation – it’s your choice.


You control the data that is posted to your accounting system. You control your contact list and you control inventory creation and matching. For example, if a contact has a variety of names or locations but you want to match to one contact, InvoiceSmash will learn the matching rules as you go.


Complete automation for your repetitive supplier invoices.

No Data Entry

No data entry for electronic PDFs. Save time. Save Money.

One-Click Approval

Your repetitive supplier invoices will become single click approval or even no click if you choose the autosubmission option. For example, the first time you process an invoice from your supplier you set up the contact and GL account assignment rules. Next time you’ll only be asked to authorise the final submission to your accounting system. A one click submission.


If you’re particular about the line descriptions in your suppler invoices you can create rules to modify them. For example, lets say your supplier invoices have an item description like “Reed avocados – bag” you could create a rule that detects the word “avocados” and replaces the description with “avocado”.

Item/Inventory Management

Easier Item/Inventory Management If you use Items and Inventory in your accounting system then InvoiceSmash will process the invoices as Item invoices and submit purchases with appropriate inventory Id numbers. In addition, you can use the item codes and descriptions to create the item in your accounting system with a couple of clicks and no data entry.


For Enterprise Customers & Partners

Customized accounting data system integration made simple.

Cloud/SaaS System

No set up necessary. We support it, you get the benefits.


100% Accuracy for Text/Electronic PDFs. Better than OCR.

Plug & Play

Blackbox, plug and play operation available. Plug InvoiceSmash into your existing AP workflow or finance system and take the immediate benefit of better automation.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Both Accounts Payable (Invoices) and Accounts Receivable (Purchase Order) automation is possible. Automate sales order processing!

Data Output Formats

- XML (any format you require)
- Rest
- Customisation available.
- Integration direct to your finance system available.
- Palette compatible.

Data Transmission Protocols

- Email/SMTP
- Rest API
- Customisation available.
- e-invoicing and EDI Gateway ready.

OCR and Manual Data Entry

InvoiceSmash can compliment your existing mix of OCR and manual data entry processes seamlessly.

Line Data Extraction

All invoice line details are extracted – not just the totals.

Data Normalisation

All data can be normalised to your specification. Vendor Ids, Dates, Currencies, Inventory Ids – InvoiceSmash can extract, normalise and translate them all. Build your automation rules as you go - InvoiceSmash 'learns' everything.

Tax Handling

Invoices with mixed taxable and non-taxable lines are handled appropriately.


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Fastest, most automated Accounts Payable system around.


Hands free supplier invoice processing

Instantaneous AP!

Fastest way to implement e-invoicing in the world.

Cloud and desktop

Cloud to Desktop/Server connections available.

Sales Ledger as well

We can post to your sales ledger as well (coming soon)

Join the AP revolution

The most pain free revolution in history

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